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Akruti Fertility Centre strongly believes in counselling couples in their best interests & providing them all information regarding their treatment, its success rates, the progress of their embryoes, in detail, to enable them to make an informed decision.

There are many benefits to the counselling that will be offered to you during your fertility treatment. It will always include the opportunity to talk through the implications of the treatment that has been suggested and it will also include elements of support and therapy.

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​​Undergoing IVF is a extremely stressful and anxious time in a couple's life. We wish to reduce the stress and pressure a couple feels by giving them as much support and information along with guiding principles of how IVF works and the success rate for their particular case. This helps them make the right decision without undue stress. 

Many times,  a IVF Couple who has visited other IVF Centres have undergone no previous counselling and come highly anxious and disturbed to our Centre. We provide such couples more time for discussing their problems and our Clinicians are known to spend even an hour or over to comfort the patient while providing complete information for IVF. We believe this is what helps the patient Trust our Clinicians 100% . 

Our Counselling for Fertility helps us understand you as a couple to help you provide the best of suppport and treatment during your trying times.

See few online forums and advice where you can talk to other IVF patients and understand the process as well as get additional support

How may counselling help?

Counselling can give you:

~ The opportunity to talk freely and openly without being judged

~ The chance to explore feelings and sensitive issues that are troubling you

~ Help in understanding the factors that may be contributing to your difficulties

~ Support in finding your own solutions and new ways of coping

Akruti Fertility Centre provides Third Party Counselling references to couples who wish to obtain Therapeutic Counselling.

Fertility Counselling / Consultation