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At Akruti Fertility Centre, after a careful diagnosis & test reports of wife & the sperm health test reports of husband, the Infertility Specialist will suggest IVF.


( In Vitro Fertilization)

Before the procedure - Husband sperm sample is collected in advance & frozen, This frozen husband sperm acts as an insurance for the couple & can save the IVF cycle cancellation if husband cannot give sperm sample on the day of procedure or he is not available at the time of procedure due to some work or emergency, under such circumstances this frozen husband sample can be used.

Sperm Processing - Obtained Husband sperm sample goes through a special wash & processing which removes dead & defective sperms along with other unwanted substances.
Note** (Portable Box for sperm collection at home available at additional cost)

Wife’s Egg Pick up - To retrieve Wife eggs, she is given injections & other oral medicines as per the wife’s body diagnosis & after some days the egg is taken out from the wife’s body.

Husband Sperm & wife eggs are placed together along with special nutrients required for survival & growth in a specialized incubator which mimics the human body temperature & conditions to help the sperm to go inside the egg & form an Embryo.

This developed embryo is them transferred into wife’s uterus ( Embryo Transfer) where it will grow further & can result in successful pregnancy.