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 Donor Sperm

​Sperm Donation: ​Akruti Fertility Centre has a tie-up with various Sperm Banks across India to source the best quality donor sperm.

Couples in which husband semen sample does not contain any sperm (Azoospermia) or the sperm is infertile in such cases sperm donation is recommended.

Basic Definitions for Semen (Sperm) Quality :

Azoospermia – Absence of sperm (Zero Sperm) in the ejaculated semen sample.

Oligospermia – Very low presence of Sperm in ejaculated semen sample.

Aspermia – Absence of Semen or retrograde Ejaculation.

NecroZoospermia – Very low Healthy sperm & high presence of dead/defective sperms.

Teratozoospermia – Low percentage of Morphologically Normal Sperm

Genetic Expert Counselor at Akruti Fertility Centre analyzes the case of the Couples with previous failed IVF/ICSI cycles from other IVF hospitals & suggests along with the Infertility Specialist for Sperm Donation.

    "This can save patient from repeated miscarriages,

                the mental trauma associated, & precious Time & Money."

This developed embryo from Donor Sperm and Wife's oocytes is them transferred into wife’s uterus ( Embryo Transfer) where it will grow further & can result in successful pregnancy.