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We had 9 failed IVF Cycles with Various well known IVF Clinics in Mumbai . We came to Akruti by a distant relative's reference and conceived in the first cycle.
Thank you Dr Kale's Team Akruti . Our baby girl is 2 years old now...

- Mr and Mrs Prasad

I came to Akruti after a co-worker conceived through IUI there. I visited  
Doctor told us to go for ICSI due to very low sperm count of my 
husband. We conceived in the first cycle. We soon learnt that Akruti had
the highest success rates of IVF in India and were glad we went there by
referral. I am waiting to deliver the next month...

- Dr Asha  & Amit Singh


Dr Kale Madam was in consultation when we walked in to the Thane IVF
Centre ,Akruti . We had just come with a failed IVF cycle , so we were
expecting doctor to suggest another IVF Cycle.
Surprisingly, she studied our file and insisted that an IUI could possibly be
tried with my natural follicle.
I conceived in the natural cycle itself!
 I was really grateful to have visited the one honest hospital in the area.
We are in our second trimester. 

- Meena and Karan Jain 

We did 7 failed IUI’s from two diferrent centres.
We heard about Akruti Fertility Centre’s proprietary customized
Advance-IUI process which increases success rate by 200%
We did our Advance-IUI cycle, we immediately felt the difference in
The way patients were treated by the doctors.
I got pregnant in the first IUI cycle itself.
Many Thanks to Team Akruti from the bottom of our hearts.
May god bless Team Akruti.

- Kavita & Suresh Patil


We did two failed IVF cycle with two centres.
A newspaper Advertisement led us visit Akruti.
I called & took an appointment at Akruti Thane.
I felt the difference the moment we enter the Hospital.
We waited hardly for few minutes for the Doctor’s appointment,
Doctor explained everything in detail & in simple language.
Inspite of experience of two failed cycle with other IVF centre,
We were surprised the other IVF centre never explained anything to us.
Akruti Hospital Doctor’s Friendly & tranparent approach impressed us.
We did our ICSI cycle, conceived & delivered a Baby Boy.
Full marks to Akruti, for their services & transparency in treatment.

Keep it up!

- Mr. & Mrs Sharma.